Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I Love iTunes!

This is a section of my CD collection and it is not a pretty sight. CDs were supposed to be indestructible but they are certainly not in my hands....especially the cases. But now that I have discovered iTunes this mess is a thing of the past.

Not only I am doing away with the mass of CD's cluttering up my home, it is also costing me much less. Previously I would hear a track that I thought would be just right for class and buy the CD. I would be lucky if I would use more than 3 tracks per disc...sometimes less.

Now I listen to Breakfast or Drive on ABC Classic FM, hear a track that catches my fancy, find it on the playlist published on the ABC website, search on iTunes, buy it for $1.69, put it on my iPod and off to teach I go. Fantastic! I'm in love with the technology! Not only that Ping makes suggestions that are similar to what I have downloaded.

The following tracks are my latest discoveries and how I use them.

The composer Einaudi was a major find for relaxation and finely articulated gesture. Particularly "Igioni".

Lily's Eyes has a track "Sakura" which is also relaxing.

For traveling in different ways the following have been very helpful:

"Say Django" Kora Revolution
"Spring-Migrant's Return" Howard Goodall
"Jota" Vallancios Dances
"Flute Concerto in B Minor" Neapolitan Flute Concertos
"Andante e Rondo ungarese Op 35" Karen Geoghegan
"Paris Texas" Gotan Project
"The Sinister Minister" Bela Fleck
"Saxophone Concerto" Eduardo Larez
"Playful Pachyderm" New London Orchestra

New music can spark up a class when one is feeling a little jaded and repetitive so I hope some one will find something of use here. I would love to hear anyone else's new faves.

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