Sunday, January 1, 2012

To Make Resolutions Or Not To Make Resolutions

Oh no its resolution time! And what am I to do? There is so much to improve.....myself, my relationships, my home, the job that I do. Where do I start? I am exhausted and need a lie down or another glass of wine to help me get over the stress of so much needing to be fixed!

But I am taken with Matt Cutt's TED talk on Trying Something New for 30 Days. He started out cycling and ended up climbing a mountain. He makes the point that small sustainable changes are likely to stick rather than the big, grandiose notions of betterment that I have a tendency to go in for.

So where will I start? Keeping my fridge organised and throwing out what is past its used by date would be a good start. Drinking more water. Making a contact list for the school. Learning to be more computer savvy. Keeping up my Yoga practise during the holidays so I am not terribly stiff after the first week of classes. Writing this blog once a week. Agghh....

And then I think maybe accepting where I am right now is the best thing to do. Life will go on and I just have to show up and do what has to be done at that moment as best I can. And can it be bad when there is so much lovely dancing in my life like the class this photo was taken from?

But climbing a mountain does sound interesting....perhaps I should jump on my bike straight away!

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