Thursday, September 16, 2010

Busy Teenagers

My question of the moment is "Do the busiest teenagers in Bendigo come to my classes?" Right now as we get closer to our performance the chances of all the class being together at the same time is remote. They take every opportunity that is offered to them and more. So if there is a school or community performance they are in it, if there is Tournament of the Minds they are in it too and win! If there are chances to see performances in Melbourne they are there. But what about class and rehearsals I inwardly are we going to be ready and have the dances up to scratch? Thankfully they work very hard when they are there so there is a chance it will be right on the night...but will I have any hair left?

Speaking of hair, here is a photo of my pre teens freezing before a performance they were involved with at the Harvest Moon Festival in Bendigo last week. They danced so beautifully that I was very proud of them particularly as they were not at all comfortable in the cold. They will reprise the dance in the performance in November and feel much warmer!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Over The Moon

Big week this week. My friends huge performance in Castlemaine is this weekend. Rehearsal Friday followed by another in the morning then 4 performances over Saturday and Sunday.

I used to know many of the students from relief teaching and generally being around the studio but over the last few years have been focused much more on my own school and Edna has many people to teach for her now. With so many classes and keen to keep the performance running at about 1hr 15mins each individual dance lasts about 3mins - 2mins for the littlies.

The production values are so high that she has set a bench mark for us all. There is a constant flow of dancers on and off stage, no thumping or noise or light spill as backstage doors are opened and shut, nor fumbles with props. It takes an army of dedicated people to shepherd the dancers to the stage then keep them quiet in the foyer (the facilities back stage are extremely limited) whilst they wait for their bows.

An exhausting but inspiring time.

It was a relief to not have to worry about the dancing....just do my allocated job. But now I am back into performance mode for myself so I found one of my favourite photos from last year to remind me it WILL BE OK!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I'm Back

It is such a long time since I have written in this blog that I hardly know where to begin! Holidays, sickness, preparations for the performance and new ventures have taken their toll on my blogging focus.

In the photo above the dancers are stretching like cats on their cushions ...a welcome diversion from the serious business of rehearsing their dances.

Our performance is called Shipwreck! and all the dances follow the story of three sailors being lost at sea with fishes and mermaids then finding the island where there is a band of little pirates, jungle creatures, Tinker Bell's companions, parrots, swamp creatures, skeletons and jewels....phew! A lot of creating has to go into an hour of performance with a small number of classes. Consequently there is a bit too much stress for my liking particularly when dancers are away and sequences are tweaked and changed. Then a game of catch up ensues which takes more time out of rehearsing. I cant believe it will come together but as my friends remind me I say this every year.

Last year was so intense I thought a bare stage, black dance wear and improvising for an hour was the way to go but it looks like I cant help myself. There is always a story to tell!